Generator Installation & Repair

Generators are very important installations at home and in commercial buildings. Power blackouts can occur at any time. You do not want to find yourself in the dark during a heavy rainstorm. Electrical blackouts usually occur during heavy rainstorms. But they also occur at other times even when your power company is doing routine maintenance. To avoid all these power problems, install a high quality generator in your home or in your commercial building. This will ensure that you will never lack power in your house or commercial building. Entirewire specializes in the installation of generators. Our technicians also handle all kinds of repairs on malfunctioning generators. Our generator installation and repair services are very affordable with no hidden charges.  

Generator Installation

Installing a new generator or upgrading your old model is not that easy. You need to make sure that you buy the right type or brand to ensure quality. You also need to choose the right size to ensure that the generator accommodates all your power needs. You can count on us at Entirewire to help you make all the right decisions regarding your new generator. Our technicians will assess your power situation and recommend the best size and type of generator for your home or commercial building. Our generator installation services include all these important steps in new generator acquisition:

  • Consultation
  • Site survey
  • Load calculations to accommodate your power needs
  • Considering fuel supply
  • Choosing the best generator (right type and proper size)
  • Determining the proper location
  • Proposal and site design
  • Final contract

Generator Repairs

Like all other installations in your home or commercial building, your generator is bound to malfunction or fail from time to time. There are very many different causes of generator problems. If you neglect your generator and fail to maintain it properly, it will malfunction very frequently. Your generator can also start failing due to old age. Other causes of generator failure are more technical in nature. You do not have to burden yourself with all these kinds of problems. Call us at Entirewire and we will diagnose the problem and fix your faulty generator for you. Our friendly technicians are familiar with the following common generator problems:

  • Fuel problems/issues
  • Overheating
  • Improper/poor installation
  • Battery failure
  • Circuit tripping

Residential & Commercial Generator Services

We offer a wide range of generator services. Basically, we handle generator installation and repairs. But we also upgrade generators. If you want to replace your small generator with a bigger one to accommodate your power needs, out technicians at Entirewire will be more than happy to assist. We also provide generator maintenance services. Your residential or commercial generator requires regular inspection and maintenance to enhance its functionality and ensure its longevity. You can hire us at Entirewire to inspect and maintain your generator on a regular basis. We provide the following generator services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Akron and Wadsworth, OH.  

  • New generator installation
  • Generator repairs & upgrades
  • Generator inspection and maintenance

Our Electrical Technicians

Our electrical technicians are highly trained and experienced in generator installation, repairs, and maintenance. We employ highly qualified technicians who ensure 100% satisfaction in all their service calls. All our technicians are fully insured and bonded to avoid any liabilities to our clients. Call us today and enjoy our affordable generator services.